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What Are the Basic Tools Every Locksmith Should Have?

Being a locksmith requires a specific set of skills and tools to effectively carry out the job. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for years, having the right tools is crucial for success. In this article, we will explore the basic tools that every locksmith should have in their arsenal.

Key Extractors

One of the most common tasks for a locksmith is extracting broken keys from locks. Key extractors are essential tools that allow locksmiths to safely remove broken keys without causing any damage to the lock. These tools come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of keys.

Lock Picks

Lock picks are a fundamental tool for any locksmith. They are used to manipulate the internal components of a lock to unlock it without the original key. Lock picks come in a variety of styles, such as hook picks, rake picks, and diamond picks, each designed to tackle different types of locks. Having a diverse selection of lock picks allows locksmiths to handle a wide range of lock types and complexities.

Tension Wrenches

Tension wrenches are used in conjunction with lock picks to apply tension to the lock cylinder. By applying the right amount of tension, locksmiths can manipulate the lock pins and open the lock. Tension wrenches come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various lock types and picking techniques.

Key Cutting Machines

Key cutting machines are indispensable tools for locksmiths. These machines allow locksmiths to cut new keys or duplicate existing ones accurately. Key cutting machines come in different types, including manual key cutters and electronic key cutters. The choice of machine depends on the locksmith’s preference and the volume of key cutting required.

Plug Spinners

Plug spinners are essential tools for locksmiths when dealing with locks that have been picked open. These tools are used to rotate the lock’s plug to the unlocked position without having to re-pick the lock. Plug spinners come in different designs, such as manual spinners and electric spinners, providing locksmiths with options based on their preferences and the complexity of the lock.

Pinning Kits

Pinning kits are sets of lock pins used by locksmiths to rekey locks. These kits contain different sizes and types of pins, allowing locksmiths to customize the lock’s keying configuration. With a pinning kit, locksmiths can easily change the lock’s combination to match a new key or address security concerns.

Key Decoders

Key decoders are advanced tools used by locksmiths to determine the cuts of an existing key. This information is crucial when duplicating keys or creating master key systems. Key decoders come in various forms, including manual decoders and electronic decoders, each providing different levels of accuracy and convenience.

Conclusion: The Essential Tools for Locksmiths

In conclusion, having the right tools is essential for any locksmith. Key extractors, lock picks, tension wrenches, key cutting machines, plug spinners, pinning kits, and key decoders are some of the basic tools every locksmith should have. With these tools at their disposal, locksmiths can confidently tackle a wide range of lock-related tasks and provide effective solutions for their clients. So, if you are aspiring to be a locksmith or already in the industry, make sure to equip yourself with these essential tools to excel in your profession.