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What to Do If Your Business Keys Are Lost or Stolen?

Losing or having your business keys stolen can be a stressful and potentially dangerous situation. Whether you own a small shop or manage a large office building, the security of your premises is paramount. In this article, we will discuss the steps you should take if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

Assess the Situation

The first thing you should do is assess the situation. Determine if the keys were lost or stolen and try to remember the last time you had them in your possession. If you believe they were stolen, it is important to act quickly to prevent any unauthorized access to your premises.

Notify the Authorities

If you suspect that your business keys were stolen, it is crucial to notify the authorities immediately. File a police report and provide them with any information that could help with their investigation. This will not only assist in recovering your keys but also potentially prevent any criminal activity from taking place.

Change Your Locks

To ensure the security of your business, changing the locks is essential. This may seem like an inconvenience, but it is a necessary step to prevent any unauthorized access. Contact a licensed locksmith who specializes in commercial properties and have them replace the locks as soon as possible. Be sure to choose high-quality locks that offer maximum security.

Rekeying vs. Replacing

When determining whether to rekey or replace your locks, consider your budget and the level of security required. Rekeying involves changing the internal pins of the lock so that it can only be operated by a new key. This is a more cost-effective option if the existing locks are in good condition. However, if the locks are old or damaged, it may be necessary to replace them entirely.

Update Access Control Systems

If your business has an access control system, it is crucial to update it immediately. This will ensure that only authorized personnel can enter your premises. Contact your security provider and inform them of the situation. They will be able to guide you through the process of updating your access control system and providing new key cards or codes to authorized employees.

Inform Your Employees

Once you have taken the necessary steps to secure your premises, it is important to inform your employees about the lost or stolen keys. Emphasize the importance of security and remind them to report any suspicious activity. Encourage them to be vigilant and to follow any new security protocols that have been put in place.

Review Security Policies

Take this opportunity to review your business’s security policies and procedures. Identify any weaknesses or areas for improvement and make the necessary changes. This could include implementing stricter access control measures, installing surveillance cameras, or increasing security personnel.


Losing or having your business keys stolen can be a stressful and potentially dangerous situation. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can minimize the risks and ensure the security of your premises. Remember to assess the situation, notify the authorities, change your locks, update your access control systems, inform your employees, and review your security policies. By taking these proactive measures, you can protect your business and maintain peace of mind.